Single or Double Buggy

Trying to decide whether to get a single or double buggy?
It is a decision that many mums find hard to make, including me.

My daughter will be 2 and a half when our next child is born in March and although she does like to walk, she still gets tired after a while and then wants to be carried. My 4year old hates walking and often ends up standing on the back of the buggy (although I have just banned that and it is going quite well) or sitting in it having asked his sister to get out and of course she would not refuse such a proposition to be free and on the loose.
The up side of having a single buggy is that it is much easier on the whole. Lighter, easier to get around (buses etc) and not so bulky, train like! But it might not be easier with 3 children aged 4 and under.
So what would you do?
Buy a single buggy and a buggy board but knowing my two they would probably fight over who gets to go on it. And do I really want a 2 and a half year old on the loose, espically as we have to walk everywhere.
On the other hand do I get a double buggy (tandem in my case) which are long and heavy. But I can strap my daughter in when I need to which gives me more flexibility and will reduce the stress.

Having written that it sounds to be like I have already made up my mind…Double Buggy it is.


Scan Results

Last week I had my 25+weeks Midwife appointment and was told that I was measuring large (27+weeks) for my gestation. So the midwife sent me for a scan, which was today.
I had a trainee sonographer so things took slightly longer but hey they have to learn.
Anyway they did all the usual measurements and such and came to the conclusion that everything is normal. The baby is the correct size for my gestation and they are weighing in at 2lb. So that has taken a weight off our shoulders.
And it was lovely to see the baby again, although it was hard to make out exactly what, was what as it is getting so much bigger now, and took up most the screen.
So I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens at my next Midwife appointment, which is in a couple of weeks… It was probably all down to inaccurate measuring or something like that! 😉

Baby Names

The decision of whether to reveal your ideas of baby names to others is somewhat a difficult decision to make.

Choosing to reveal-
If you reveal them you have the upside of having some help with ideas or if you are unsure about a particular name they can give their opinion but that can also be a down side. Because it will be their opinion and your taste in names is bound to differ, so you run the risk of being put off names that you originally liked.

Choosing not to reveal-
But if you choose not to share it then you will have to live with people asking you “have you got any ideas for baby names?” for nine months. And you being unable to say, could get a bit tiresome, especially if you are not very good at keeping secrets!
On the positive side choosing your childs name is a wonderful gift and I think it is great for you and your huband/partner to be able to share in the laughs and dissapointments, agreements and disagreements of choosing a name together. It is a special time.

At the end of the day it is your choice, so you must not feel pressured into telling people if you don’t want to.

We personally took the stance of not telling people for a few reasons.

1. We did not want people putting us off names that we liked.
2. If you have decided on a name already it can be unwise to tell everyone as when the babys actually born as you may change your mind for whatever reason and then you will all have to get used to a different name. Could be a bit confusing!
3. There is always the chance that someone might steal one of your names, although I have to say this is highly unlikely espically if it is a close friend.

And finally it is nice to give everyone that surprise and finally dampen their curiosity!

Family Day!

Well the day started with a nice lie in till 9, thanks to my wonderful husband. I had, had an awful nights sleep, as I can only sleep on my right hand side at the moment (which kept on going dead) as my  left arm is still killing me since having my Swine flu Jab, I cant sleep on my front for obvious reasons (a huge tum that kind of gets in the way) and it hurts to lie on my back because it stretches my stomach even more than it already is. What a palava! Enough moaning.

We all lounged around this morning, then did some gardening together. Which I have to say did not last very long as the kids decided it would be fun to stick their hands in freezing cold water with their gloves on and that then speeded up the process of them getting rather chilly and fed up. So we left Tim to carry on himself while we warmed up. Then we all sat down together to watch Merry Madagascar, which was lovely but not the most thrilling watch it has to be said. But the kids loved it, easily pleased which can be a good thing I guess. We have just been out into the cold, dark and wet evening to feed the ducks down at the local pond and pop to the shop. A day full of family fun!

Now to have dinner (made by my dear other half) now to put the kids to bed, feet up and relax, chill……

Hard Day but Joy of Friends!

Friday was a bit of a day. I was exhausted from lack of sleep and feeling rather large. Kids were not too happy either having got up too early. So it was a tough one but with a nice ending.

In the evening I went out for a Christmas meal with some other mums and childminders from a Toddler Group that I go to. Nice and cheap and cheerful but good to be out mingling with other adults. I think it has been a life saver to have Toddler Groups and other mums networks available. I would go crazy if i was constantly stuck in the house. You need to be able to get out and mingle with other adults, who share similar experiences as you and it is also good for your children to play with others. And a great BiG THANKYOU to my friends who so willing babysit for us, it is a real privilage. 🙂


I am 26weeks pregnant and getting fat, as my son says ‘you have been eating too much’… Delightfully frank! Anyway, I had a midwife appointment on Monday just gone and was told that I am measuring 2weeks ahead, so I have been refered to have a scan to make sure that all is well. Which I am sure it is but better to be safe then sorry. I also had a have a Swine Flu Injection today, so hopefully I am now immune. This pregnancy has generally been quite good. I only felt slightly sick in the early stages and eating soon conquered that. Where as with my other two, espically Joel I was throwing up here, there and everywhere. I have been having some pelvic pain, which I also had with Esmee but it has been coming on and off with varying degrees of pain. Apart from that I have felt quite normal. It is funny you find that people tend to label you as having a ‘condition’. “You can’t do that in your condition”. What do they mean ‘condition?’; I am not dying, I am still human but it is like they think I am now not capable of doing the things I normally do. Or maybe they just do not know what to say or call it. My parents are particually bad for it but I think it has become a bit of a running joke now, as I have made so many comments and they have all heard my reactions. 🙂


I had a childlike moment today. I was waiting for the arrival of  my new phone a Blackberry something or other (of which I was persuaded to get by my husband and am glad I was) and I felt like a child eagerly waiting to open a present, all excited and impatient. It is good to have moments like that somethimes, they can bring us back down to earth and help us to remember not to always take life so seriously.